The Legacy Project

Revitalizing Schools and Communities


This looks like:

  • Meeting with School Administration & Teachers to assess & identify needs, longevity plans, and
  • Attending student lunches, games, concerts, art events and academic events
  • Create and develop resources to unite student togetherness
  • Partner and led school assemblies (with the administration, counselors/therapist, and Christian organizations) on critic needs such as bullying, mental illness, social dangers, purity, and etc.

With this, we will need a team of people that consist of:

  • School Officials (Teachers, Administration, Resource Officers)
  • Profession Christian Therapist and Counselors
  • Parents/Guardians (representing each school)
  • Students
  • and those who can fund/finance programs


This looks like:

  • Career Help & Services (Resume Writing & Tips, Interview Training/Tips, etc.)
  • Services for the homeless and marginalized (to help them get on their feet) – haircuts, interview/job attire, and such
  • Town Hall meeting on strategic topics for the community
  • Food Pantry/Bank
  • Community clothing drive
  • Service for the Elderly – help with grocery shopping, lawn care, home repairs, and maintenance

We will need a team of people that consist of:

  • Business people to fund and/or partner with
  • Churches and their leadership teams
  • local, state, and federal government
  • a host of people who love and cherish the people of their cities and communities
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